Friday, 30 December 2011

26th December 2011

Jaba seems to be a bit out of sorts today – I think he has a cold; or as they say here ‘the common cold’. Not sure what the uncommon cold is. I guess he’ll be OK but the problem is that it’s survival of the fittest and so the unfit don’t have a chance.

Both Jeremy and I worked much of today – it’s not a bank holiday here and so just an ordinary Monday. The boys came round after school and so we decided to go out to the Green Bar (as opposed to Green Bar B) for a beer as we could get food for the boys there. People eat with their right hand (apart from Matti, who is left handed) and so there is always a wash basin at any restaurant – it feels odd calling these places restaurants, but I guess that is what they are.
Well, I have never seen such a mound of food be demolished in such a short space of time. They ordered 2 portions of tibs with injera and egg. Basically, an enormous pancake (injera) filled with yet more injera, lumps of beef, some kind of sauce and a boiled egg. Each package of food also came with two bones with meat on. Well, the boys were delighted with their order and after 30 seconds of praying, they tucked into their meal. Probably no more than 7 minutes later, they were smiling contentedly and washing the last mouthful down with coca cola. They actually prefer Mirinda (fake Fanta orange) but it seems that Gimbie is totally out of this drink at the moment. Must be because all the pregnant women have been drinking it (remember previous blog re all women being given Mirinda at the start of labour).

On the way back, Abdi, who kind of looks after them all (yes, aged 11), asked sheepishly whether I would possibly buy them some soap to wash their clothes. Apparently they are allowed to get water from a nearby house for clothes washing. So we bought them each a bar of soap at 10 Birr (40p) each and they were terribly grateful. Gosh, how easy it is to please a bunch of 9-11 year olds here.

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