Friday, 2 December 2011

1st December 2011

Today we have neither internet, phone connection or electricity. So I will post this when it all returns……
I have just been to feed Jaba and thought you would all appreciate this photo of him.

Ok, it may just be wind, but for all of us here, we would like to think that he is a very happy little boy. Since he pulled out his nasogastric tube (again) a couple of days ago, he has been totally bottle fed. On the whole he is managing to take enough feed and he certainly seems happier without the tube, not least of all because he has stopped getting hiccups. Mind you, I was rather concerned to find that they had been washing the bottles out using the water that comes from the steam at the bottom of the hospital. I am continuously bringing the bottles back to our house to boil them but in between times, there are clearly occasions when they feel the need to wash them themselves.

Car progress = Nil

Irritation about lack of progress = loads

Communication channels = nil

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  1. Beautiful baby, even if it is just wind :)

    Are there any options for your car or are you completely stuck? xxx