Tuesday, 20 December 2011

20th December 2011

My nice peaceful day working at home has been somewhat disturbed by the clucking of two very noisy chickens who are clearly irritated by the arrival of four boys in need of somewhere to go before school starts at 12.30. The chickens find somewhere else to sit and the boys settle themselves down on the veranda to some squash, a banana, an orange and some fruit pastels. Probably not the best diet in the world but it is sure to beat whatever they can get hold of in the orphanage. Besides, since they need some new paper exercise books, I will meet them in town after school where we can buy some more and then settle them down for a hearty spaghetti Bolognese (of some sort) at Green Bar B – this has become our latest watering hole.

Before they left for school, I measured their feet as all of them have shoes with so many holes that they can barely be called shoes. When I come back to the UK in January, I shall find them some suitable trainers or something similar. If anyone has any unwanted size 38 or 36, that are in reasonable condition, please keep them for me as I am sure that the boys will appreciate them greatly.

Now off to the post office to see if there is any mail.


  1. Sounds like a lot of interesting children you are involved with. I will scour the shops for trainers for you. We are so well off here we take it all for granted. Love to you both mum

  2. Dear Karen and Jeremy.
    Are soon gooing home from my call and are cooming back d. 29/12. Has home call the 26/12.
    Good cristmas. Happy new year.
    Say tahat too all wee know! Special: Clare, Wasjun, Makabe and all the starf.
    From Heidi and Andrè.