Tuesday, 20 December 2011

19th December 2011

It has been a fairly quiet weekend, which is a bit of a relief really as I was in need of a more restful time. On Sunday, Jaba came over for the day and had another bath. This makes him the cleanest child – actually, possibly the cleanest person – in the hospital. Three of the boys from the orphanage also came to visit and so we set them up with some computer games to play and then some drawing and colouring. Abdi, the oldest boy (11) is actually a very good artist and produced a very nice drawing of a rose when I suggested that he made a card for us to send to Camilla in the UK.  They really are very nice boys and are incredibly polite and well behaved. They always share everything they have equally between themselves and help each other with whatever needs to be done. You only have to pick up a brush or a cloth and one of them will quickly take it from you to do the job for you. After their orange squash and biscuits, I try to explain the concept of advent calendars, which given they have chocolates behind each window was a source of great interest and much enjoyment.

The chickens still haven’t laid any more eggs, although they seem to have got over their little crazy spell of a few days ago. They are very friendly and come and sit on the veranda with us whenever we are out there.  However, they also managed to get into the fenced vegetable garden, where they found the tasting menu very much to their satisfaction. Not sure that our sweet corn will ever grow to produce any food.

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