Friday, 16 December 2011

16th December 2011

Today I took Jaba to our house for his very first bath – actually, his very first wash. The hospital doesn’t have hot water (and at times, the cold water isn’t working).

He looked rather stunned at first, but soon got the hang of it all ……and maybe enjoyed it?

He looks bigger but I haven’t weighed him as there is a big risk that there will be pressure to move him out to an orphanage if he appears to be large enough. I fear this is coming soon.

Jeremy is enjoying his time with Jaba too and quite enjoys a cuddle with him.

Although the chickens appear to have been laying eggs whilst we have been away, Maisy seems to be having a phantom pregnancy and sits on her nest most of the time. Makabe says we should buy a fertilised egg for her to hatch as this would cheer her up. Oh dear, the complexity of keeping chickens.


  1. Congratulations to Jaba on his first bath.
    Glad to know you two are back in Gimbie safely and you can have a breather from the paperchasing.
    Much love and festive greetings to the three of of you. Jeremy, ypu are looking very svelte.
    Angie and Kevin xxx

  2. Thanks Angie and Kevin. Have a great Christmas and New Year. I think we may have a house full!!
    Lots of love Karen and Jeremy xxx

  3. How cute is Jaba, what a delight. Why the orphanage? I must have missed something in the posts about his Mum.

    Saw your post about shoes, I'll have a hunt, do you need any knitted things, my Gran is a tremendous knitter.

    What amazing work you are doing there despite adversity.

    Have a great Christmas.