Saturday, 24 December 2011

24th December 2011

This morning I was a little sad sitting on the veranda, with my cup of tea, thinking about everyone getting ready for Christmas tomorrow and the excitement that this generally brings. I miss all sorts of things that we have in England, most of which are not really important and we can do without. But we certainly need our family and friends and appreciate you all being there for us. We miss you.
 I hope that you all have a wonderful day enjoying the Christmas feast and having a nice time in each other’s company. I will blog tomorrow and post some photos to show what we are doing.

Jeremy is on call today and tonight but the hospital is fairly quiet (coffee picking time?) and so we should have a peaceful night. Clara comes back from Addis today, possibly with some goodies for tomorrow’s lunch. We shall light the Christmas pudding using the gin we bought in duty free and we have bought some eggs to make custard to go with this (that’s right; our chickens still refuse to lay any more eggs). I have a feeling that the orphan boys will turn up at some point so we shall feed them something. We will also bring Jaba to the house for some ‘fun’. Oh and Makabe is coming over to make some fresh bread. So all, in all, lots going on.

Happy Christmas eve xxx


  1. Have a wonderful day tomorrow although you may be missing your family here at home it sounds like your extending your family out there baby Jaba plus four boys have fun - lots of love

  2. Hey, we shall raise a glass to you tomorrow and be thinking of you. I'm doing christmas dinner this year - should be interesting. Love Deborah xx

  3. Happy Christmas Karen and Jeremy from Mum and Dad! We will raise a glass or two to you both and your ever growing family! Enjoy the day, lots of love from us both.

  4. Thank you for your Christmas wishes - sounds like a fun time will be had by all.
    Enjoy xxxx