Thursday, 3 November 2011

2nd November

The female ward is beginning to look like an orphanage. A beautiful baby boy was left at the hospital gate last night and was found by the hospital guard, crying, cold and soaking wet. So at 2am, he was warmed and given some of baby Jaba’s baby milk. Luckily, I had been given 2 baby bottles by someone who visited last week and so I now have one for baby Jaba and the other for the new and, as yet, anonymous baby. He looks like he is about 3 weeks old and is quite a bonny little chap.

I’m a little concerned about the supplies of baby milk as a considerable amount of the tin seems to have disappeared over the past week. I am guessing that some of it may be being used in coffee. So from the remains of the tin, I made the new baby some milk, which he drank with gusto and obligingly burped without vomiting any of it up. I’ve also been given 2 t-shirts, which are far too large for Jaba but fit the new baby really well.

So they’re now both settled down for a while and I have time to write my blog. Trouble is, the internet is off again and so I’ll have to post it at a later stage.

It’s a bit odd to have a second abandoned baby, although I am told that there are usually about 3 a year. I did wonder whether word had got around that they would be cared for and might be destined for a better life in the UK or Denmark. Certainly, news travels far here and I am sure that the accuracy of the story becomes more and more dubious the further the story travels.

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  1. Hi honey. This blogis such an amazing thing to read every day and is fast becoming part of our evening ritual. What e mail address are you on? I'd like to write a longer missive, as a friend and I are planning to form a group to make little things up for your babies plus might be able to do some fund raising for you as well. Let me know and I be able to expand on everything. Full of admiration as always. Love Angie and the boy.xxxxx