Thursday, 10 November 2011

10th November

We are currently waiting at the airport for a 2-hour delayed flight to Djibouti. I wonder whether it was simply cancelled as there weren’t enough people to make it worthwhile. The saga of the car continues, with us finally reaching a point where the agent in Djibouti puts the phone down when she hears our voice. The real problem is that there is no consistency in what we are being told, with about 5 different people telling us different things. Some say that the International Carnet only works for 2-3 days in Ethiopia, others say this is exactly the document you need. Some have said that we need a letter from the British Embassy, but they never seem to be open and when they are, they promise to get back to you but never do. Others have said we have to get a letter from the Charities agency, who, by the way, refuse to give us a letter and then there are those who believe that the ministry of health should provide the necessary letter. So after a couple of days of speaking to anyone who would listen to the woes of the car import, we have decided to fly to Djibouti and see what they say when we get there. We have the International Carnet and that should be enough but who knows?!? It’s about 35C and largely desert so it should be an interesting trip.

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  1. Oh dear! What a tale of woe. Best of luck with all that officialdom it sounds worse than anything we might meet in the UK We are thinking of you every day.