Saturday, 19 November 2011

19th November

Sorry for the absence everyone but the internet has been down for days and is rather temperomental at the moment. I've been keep the blog up to date on my computer and have posted it for each day below so read these first if you want to follow events as they arose.
 This morning I found Buttercup dead in the corner of the cage - very sad. not sure what happened but she seemed to have tried to escape and her head was burried in the dirt in a corner. I think we will now have to dig a hole and bury her.


  1. Great to read your latest news and all went well with the car. Hope you got post from us and the continuing story of country folk from the Archers! Also the vegetarian cookbook. The meals sound a lot better with the addition of protein from afar!

  2. Glad you two are back and safe. Your blog seems more dependable than Jeremy's.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! What an adventure. You need to put this into a paper, and present at RCOG when you get back. Fascinating stories.