Saturday, 19 November 2011

15th November 2011

Despite being in the car for around 16 hours yesterday, we decided to head off for Gimbie today, thinking it would only take us 9-10 hours. All was going really well (well after going hopelessly wrong getting out of Addis) and we stopped for breakfast along the way. Then we came across a diversion which seemed to go on for ever. Only afterwards did we realise that we took the wrong road out of the diversion and ended up going up into the mountains and back down again – around 4 hours in total. Mind you, you would never know which road to take as there were absolutely no road signs and many people that we asked told us different routes. Actually, I think they often don’t know the way and so just make it up.

So we arrived at Gimbie in the dark at around 7pm and popped in to see baby Jaba, who is now 1.45kg in weight and looking rather lively. We dressed him in his new clothes and nappies – thank you to everyone who sent these things out with Sophie – and gave him a feed, which he didn’t vomit. So he seems to have turned a corner and should continue to grow well. He is still at risk of infection but we are hoping that he manages to keep strong.

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