Monday, 30 April 2012

29th April 2012

The Adventist hospital and Government hospital were playing against each other in a football match today. Despite the heat, we went along to cheer for whichever side was going to win. It was actually a very organised event – there’s a large stadium in Gimbie town, illustrating just how large the town actually is. As well as a range of refreshments (well actually some green oranges in a wheel barrow and goodness knows what kind of drink decanted into Mirinda bottles) they even had the equivalent of the Red Cross there, with a small tent and what looked like it might be an ambulance. For a moment, you could have closed your eyes and thought you were back in England enjoying the county show on a Sunday afternoon – OK, this really would have stretched the imagination a little far but there were some vague similarities… was Sunday afternoon at least.

By half time, no goals had been scored but we were provided with some interesting entertainment in the form of a display from the presumably local marshal arts school. They were really very good and I am pleased to say, there were some girls as well as boys in the group. The second half warmed up a bit ore and although the government hospital scored the first goal, the Gimbie Adventist hospital also managed to get a goal in before the whistle was blown.

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