Saturday, 28 April 2012

27th April 2012

After a largely uneventful journey back to Gimbie (the wheel skidding sensors seem to be a bit sensitive), we arrived back ‘home’ to one happy and one broody chicken. We settled into the routine of supper, a few glasses of wine and an episode of prison break. Thankfully, there are only 8 episodes to go as, although Jeremy looks forward to the viewings, I am getting rather bored and irritated by it.

Unfortunately, as I had feared, the 29-week baby didn’t survive, although the woman recovered from her liver disturbances and presumably, her high blood pressure. It’s very sad though as this was her 5th baby that hadn’t survived. I hope that her blood pressure will be managed in the community, although I have a horrible feeling that this may not be the case. I am beginning to feel that although we all aspire to do something that is sustainable, very few of us ever actually achieve this. When we are not there, things revert back.

The following day we had Jaba (now 6 months old and teething), who, by the way is getting rather podgy, and as usual, we entertained numerous visitors who arrived at the house.

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