Wednesday, 11 January 2012

12th January 2012

I haven’t blogged for a few days as I was laid up with a rather nasty stomach bug. Although it was my first attack since being here, it was pretty acute and left me feeling totally washed out for a few days. Not quite sure what brought it on but possibly a sandwich I ate in Green Bar B a couple of days previously. Oh well, a few days of Cipro and boiled water to drink and I seem to be on the mend.
Before setting off for Addis yesterday, I packed all of Jaba’s things up for Makabe as she is going to take him back to her house today, where he will hopefully grow up to be a happy little chap. Actually, packing his things didn’t take too long as he has grown out of most of his clothes and so only has 3 pairs outfits that fit him.  Thankfully, there are many friends who have collected things for us to take back so he will soon be dressed like a King again. Makabe has ordered a bed for him from the carpenter so that will probably be ready by the time we return. Until this time, he will sleep in ‘case 14’, which is a plastic box that we used to pack our luggage for the car – everything had to be listed for customs by case number.

Having arrived in Addis, the first port of call was the Greek Club for supper. I am worried that I will never be able to manage a whole pizza again as I think my stomach has shrunk. I was full after just 3 slices and was not even able to contemplate the baklava – shame as it’s really good here.

We spent the morning in the immigration office – oh how I love those government offices – as we needed to get Jeremy a replacement residency permit (his was stolen). It seems, however, that this is not possible on a temporary passport, despite the fact that he is on the computer system as having one. They did say, however, that he needed to get an exit visa to leave the country. So yet a few more queues and $20 later, he has a ticket to return tomorrow to pick up his passport (emergency) with an exit visa stamped in it. I still have my residency permit, although this doesn’t match my passport number.

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