Thursday, 13 October 2011

13th October 2011

Finally, the paperwork is complete (well, the essential things like work permits, medical registration, immigration and police clearance) and so tomorrow morning at 0600 we leave Addis on the long trek to Gimbie. We have stocked up on essentials like water, milk powder and biscuits and look forward to a diet of beans and tomatoes.

Below is my police clearance, just in case anyone was wondering whether the police would find some dark  secret past misdemeanour.

Clearly not!!

Hope to Blog again soon; ChinaNet dongle permitting - which, by the way, does not work on my Mac as promised by the con man in the computer shop.


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  2. Only removed my post above because of typos, honest!
    Glad that you're finally progressing to Gimbie (it seems like you're playing some very complicated board game!) and fingers crossed that your dongle dongles properly - we look forward to the next post from our overseas correspondent xxx

  3. I hope this comment reaches you as I am having trouble blogging! Keep sending the progress report, also any pictures as they will add to my family history saga! Keep dongling Love mum

  4. I hope the washing up problem is now sorted! Maybe you should leave the dishes to dry in the hot sun instead. Love mum

  5. Well still trying to get a comment to you. Glad the police have given you the all clear! You now have Ethiopian Residency as well! Congratulations.
    Dad xxxx