Tuesday, 11 October 2011

11th October 2011

Today I have become an Ethiopian resident and therefore, technically, I should no longer write as the 'Faranj' who goes to Gimbie. Actually, all I was asking for was an extension of my business visa but for some reason this turned into a need to request a residency permit. After many hours of queuing and yet more photocopies of various documents, plus of course, another photo (I must have given in at least 20 photos by now and so assume that I am well known across the country), I get made a resident of Ethiopia. I think this is something of an honour and am grateful for the fact that I now have equal rights to Ethiopian citizens (not quite sure what those rights consist of, but I'm pleased to have them nevertheless.

The other most exciting moment of the day is going to the police department to get clearance from them - I guess they want to check that I am not a criminal - fair enough. Here, I not only had to give another 2 photos and an approval letter with numerous important stamps on it, but I also had to provide my finger prints. So now I am registered with the Ethiopian police and presumably, I will pick up a clearance letter tomorrow.......

We are still in Addis but hope to leave for the hills on Thursday or Friday - it all rather depends on whether Jeremy gets his clearance. We are waiting for the medical panel to sit and hopefully approve him as a doctor. Once they have done this, we can process his work permit and residency permit (now, at least, we know what the process is).


  1. It's a good job that you did all those photography courses before you left Blighty - supplying photos ad naseum seems to be your stock in trade this week. Hope you're getting some good shots of J whilst whiling away the time. Have you found out what weight of package to Ethiopia goes under the customs radar? It'd be good to start sending you some food parcels! xxx

  2. Still working on finding out about the postage weight - all I've managed to find out so far is that there is indeed a limit to the weight of packages! Things take so much longer here...xxx

  3. Will send a small test package this weekend and see how it fares! Adam says bacon but I'm thinking less fresh meat, less decay at the other end :) xxx

  4. Yes, I think the bacon sandwiches will have to wait until you visit in person xxx