Thursday, 3 February 2011

3rd February 2011

In less than 2 weeks, we will be landing in Addis Ababa to spend 10 days in and around the area of Gimbie.  We have had our vaccinations already as we needed some of them for a recent visit to Botswana and Namibia and so we thought we may as well get the extra ones needed for Ethiopia - Rabies, Yellow Fever and meningitis. We're not sure how high the malaria risk is as Gimbie is around 2000 meters high and so presumably not such a popular place for mosquitoes. Mind you, we have bought a mosquito net for the bed and also stocked up on Malarone for our brief visit.........just in case. I haven't a clue what you do for a whole year as it seems a bit problematic to take anti-malaria drugs for 12 months (not least of all because of the cost - they are around £2 a tablet).

We're wondering what the weather will be like. I had always thought that Ethiopia was very hot - I guess I still have the images of the 1980's Ethiopian famine in my mind, where television cameras illustrated the desperate dehydration and starvation of hundreds of thousands of families living in what appeared to be total desert land. In fact, it seems from what I have read, that Ethiopia is quite a lush country, and although the land is pretty rugged in many areas, there is plenty of green shrubbery and forestry around. During the rainy months (July and August), I think they get around 6 inches of rain a day.  The temperature over the next few weeks is supposed to be around 24C and so we'll have to take our sun screen as well as mosi spray.

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