Friday, 11 February 2011

11th February 2011

OK, so now I'm seriously excited about our upcoming trip. We've now got our international driving licenses through........although we have not succeeded in our pursuits at hiring a car. It seems that you have to hire a driver as well as a car, which I guess is OK, but then you have to look after the driver for the duration, which is not so easy. I don't think that even and Ethiopian driver wold appreciate sleeping in a car for 10 days. So the next plan is to try and borrow the Maternity Worldwide car (and driver) for our trips put and about. Perhaps they have some good bicycles.

I'm off to buy some essentials for the trip - by this, I mean food. I thought that some mixed spicy beans and some half baked bread would be a good start and then I guess some cereal, long life milk, biscuits and whatever else I can fit into the case. It says on the Ethiopian airlines website that we can have 2 x 23kg bags each, which is pretty good for cattle class. So I'm thinking of taking one bag for clothes and the other for food!

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