Friday, 10 February 2012

10th February 2012

I spent much of the day unpacking the masses of clothes and goodies brought back with us, as well as the things that we had packed in the car. The boys were itching to come over and so I said they could come after lunch. They were very excited when I gave them each one of the football shirts and shorts that Sue had managed to get hold of. Within seconds, they had stripped off on the veranda with eagerness to get their new clothes on. We decided that they would be called the Gimbie Warriors, although I’m not sure that they really understood what I was on about. Thankfully, the ball that Karen sent in the post had arrived and so off they ran to the volleyball pitch to have a game of football.

Later on, they got a pair of trainers each, which judging from the state of their feet, arrived just in time.
Tomorrow, Jaba is coming over for the morning and so I am planning to give him a nice bubbly bath and dress him in some new clothes. Yes, I will take lots of cute pictures of him and put them on the blog.


  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog and particularly seeing the pictures of the boys in their new football shirts. You don't know me but I was part of the big people chain collecting clothes for them. This picture has made my day!
    Best wishes to them and especially to Jaba in his new life. Keep up the good work, you are making a difference! Nat

    1. Hi Nat
      Sorry for the delayed response. Lovely to hear from you and many thanks for all the help in gathering the clothes for the many children here. It really is appreciated and as you can see, they love their football shirts. You can see them coming a mile away down the high street!

  2. I'm glad the footballs arrived safely. I am sure Jeremy is keen on having regular kickabouts! xxx